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Insulation suggestions

I have taken down much of the ceiling during repairs and renovations (rewiring, new lights, trusses repair, wood rot etc...) and along the process I have pulled down a lot of the insulation.

Some of the insulation was in bad shape from roof leak, and some I just pulled them down due to them being in the way while I work.

The overhead work is about done now, and I need to add in the new insulation.

Any suggestions to what type of insulation to use? Since I have non-IC recessed lights I don't think I can use foam or spray. I am left with the hard foam sheets or fiber glass batts right?

I have trusses running in one direction spaced 24" apart, then wood furring strips running across every 18" or so. This is a picture of what it used to look like before I tore it all up.

So a few questions.

#1: Should I do the insulation BEFORE I put sheet rock up or AFTER?

#2: How do I get the insulation UNDER all the wires and rigid pipes (copper water pipes, EMT electrical pipes) as well as AC ducts? Seems it would be easier to do this while the ceiling is accessible from below?

#3: If I need to tuck them under pipes and ducts how do I avoid tearing them up? They seem to come apart very easily. Most of the EMT pipes that cris crosses are 6"or more above the ceiling so there is room, but sliding the insulation under them is hard without breaking them up.


Thanks in advance.


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Going to need IC air tight cans.


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Originally Posted by joecaption View Post
Going to need IC air tight cans.
That was one option. That was ruled out early on due to other factors such as form factor, vertical clearance, etc...

I have installed about about 56 recessed lights on the inside so far.

EVEN if I have IC cans I personally don't want to lay insulation over them regardless. I prefer to not cover everything up.

Down here we routinely have people up in the attic, for example quarterly spraying for pest in the attic and it's a problem when pipes, cans, conduits, ducts are draped over by insulation and people can't see what they are stepping on. One house I had when I redid the bathroom exhaust fans I found out all three sheet metal ducts that lead from the bathroom to the outside were stepped on and crumpled for years because no one can see anything below the insulation. So even if I have IC air tight cans I still would have cut the insulation back from around it.
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you have R-11 in your attic? I hope you have more then that. I would blow in extra over the batts.
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