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mpow540 03-29-2011 11:43 AM

Insulation in enclosed porch remodel
I'm working on a addition to a 1950's caped code that is 3 season, "Florida" room surrounded by three walls of windows and one wall attached to the house. There is a crawl space below with about 3 feet in height, dirt floor, with an access door from below to get in the crawl space with some slight ventilation below. Slightly sloped roof with about 1.5ft of space about rafters.

The current windows are single pane windows so they are not resistant to air drafts. The room is not temperature controlled but a stand alone fire place may one day be in there. I am removing current wood paneling on walls and ceiling to replace with drywall and would like to re insulate the room. House is in the Philadelphia PA region.

What is the best method to insulate this room if there is not going to be HVAC run into the space? Should I use fiberglass in the ceiling and flooring with a vapor barrier between the insulation and drywall? My concern is moisture in the room with it not being temp controlled.

Appreciate the help!

Gary in WA 03-30-2011 06:35 PM

What is the heat source? Are you finishing this to make it habitable, because no v.b. on dirt screams "no permit taken"?


mpow540 04-04-2011 07:04 AM

I didn't check public records on the house to see if a permit was originally pulled. There is batt insulation in the ceiling but not below the flooring. Trying to figure that one out on why they would attempt to insulate above and not below?? Currently there is not heat source. In the future a vented wood burning stove might be installed for the winter seasons. The room will not have air conditioning. Your comment on v.b. on the dirt floor, yes , i was thinking of laying 6mil on the ground and have it start to run up the side walls. Do I completely enclose the the crawlspace and make it air tight(running the vb up to the floor joists) or will running the v.b. up the walls about 1.5ft off the ground and tape the perimeter prevent the unwanted moisture from rising up?

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