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valcarmo72 02-27-2013 09:11 PM

Insulating a soffit..
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My home was a Cape that was made into a custom colonial. If u look at the pic attached u can see the old soffit that was once the roof of the cape just above the existing windows.... Now, there obvioulsy a floor above it. I have the coldest floors on my second floor. Always wondered why. I was changing recessed lighting trim and while doing so I felt a strong current of air riding the cieling of the first floor. The back of the house has no soffit that low. Only above at the roofs edge. My question is...if the first floor soffits were originally there for proper ventilation for a roofs rafters, what purpose do they serve now? And can I insulate it of it is causing a draft or if current make my second floor subfloor cold as heck? The room just above the garage all the way to the left is the coldest but the garage has insulated cielings. Laser thermometer says the cieling is 65 degrees and the garage temp is 45 thought is there is a draft causing the floor above the cieling colder...Also, is there supposed to be such a strong current of air between first and second floors?....Thanks for the help..

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Don't know?...ask someone...

747 02-27-2013 09:55 PM

Rooms above garages are always cold unless spray foamed. Ceiling in garage would need to be dropped and then spray foamed. You do have a point on lower soffits. i would just insult them now. Seeing how it now has a second floor addition and the roof is above it.

Ps. Nice looking house.

valcarmo72 02-27-2013 10:05 PM

Thanks really appreciate the help and the compliment. U know I really would love spray foam the cielings in the garage. I wish there was a way to keep out the drafts from a garage door but there really isn't. Thanks again.

Don't know?...ask someone...

Gary in WA 03-01-2013 04:29 PM

The other option is f.b. under new 5/8" Type X drywall; fig.7;

Pull all soffit, foamboard/canned foam the floor joist, air-seal all openings into house- caulk/foam the rim joist; top/bottom, replace soffit material.

Fig. 3;

Check your garage door weatherstripping and closer bottom flashing;


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