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yuriy128 11-30-2011 11:36 AM

Insulating PVC water feed under crawlspace
Hi all,
I went under the crawlspace that is accesible from garage on the side of the house. I noticed that some pvc pipes that carry hot and cold water are not insulated, neither is garage. Just wondering if this has to be done? Crawl space is below the edition that was put in 10 years ago. Since it lasted this long, im assuming it doesnt get cold there, buy what is a good practice? ( just bough this old house...).


Windows on Wash 12-01-2011 08:10 AM

If the crawl space is being treated as a conditioned space (i.e. supply side air, insulation on the walls, etc) then the pipes don't technically have to be insulated as they are inside the insulated space. Still can't hurt to insulate the hot side to save some energy.

If the crawl isn't conditioned and they haven't ruptured yet, that is a clear sign that you are losing a bunch of heat to the crawl space and should therefore address that by either converting it fully to conditioned space or fixing the insulation layer to prevent the heat loss to the unconditioned space.

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