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justsayben 04-23-2013 03:37 AM

SPECIFIC Cape Cod insulation idea for you CC experts. Thoughts?
Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a 1500 sq. ft. 1936 Brick Cape Cod in Arlington VA. Very hot summer + cold Winter. The attic bedroom stayed warm enough during the winter but now that the weather is changing it is unbearably hot.

I am looking at ripping down all the fiberboard and insulating the whole roof and walls but stumped on how to get the most bank for my few bucks.

Problem 1. Low Budget.
Problem 2. Only 5.5 inches of space from roof deck to end of rafter, not allowing much space for insulation.

I wish I could afford closed cell spray foam but it sounds extremely expensive.

What I was thinking was starting fresh and..
1 wrap the whole roof deck in thin reflective foil radiant barrier. Radiant side facing roof.

2. Squeeze in some eco friendly R13 thats up against the non radiant side of the barrier leaving hopefully a 1 inch gap to end of rafter.

3. install 1-2 inch thick rigid foam boards over top that with 1 sided radiant barrier facing the roof and hopefully having that inch of airspace.

4. Drywall right onto the foam board (non radiant side).

Any professionals or DIY's with info/suggestion or advice from problems with what I am proposing.

Thanks in advance!

joecaption 04-23-2013 07:50 AM

Might want to start by taking a look in the Search area under insulation.
Insulating capes has been discussed hundreds of times on here.

justsayben 04-23-2013 06:26 PM

Thanks for your reply but I have searched hundreds of threads already. If you read my post it states my location and if you know about insulation code then you should be aware that there is no possible way of bringing a 1936 cape to 2013 insulation code/standards when you have less than 6 inches of space between roof and drywall. I'm not interested in losing 6-10 inches of wall space to add more depth. Looking for best budget plan with what I have to work with.

Yes I am aware that I can achieve somewhat near code with 6 inches of closed cell foam but as I stated, I'm on a budget.

I asked a specific question about thoughts on my idea of a trifecta approach in using 3 types of relatively cheap materials. Radiant barrier wrap, fiberglass, foam board with 1 side radiant.

Anyone who wants to discuss my idea or has a better one please feel free to chime in.

Thanks in advance.

Gary in WA 04-25-2013 12:07 AM

There a couple of ways to go. 1. as you said SPF,

2. Foamboard the whole thickness to get close to what your location requires, no air space;need to ventilate the side/top attics though. Link below...

3. leave an air space above the f.b.; needs to be thiock enough next to the sheathing to prevent condensation, near the map...

4. the radiant needs a bigger air space than 1" to be effective, and they are not very good in a heating climate compared to a cooling one.


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