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2001FZ1 03-29-2011 11:33 AM

insulate damp crawlspace?
I have a crawlspace that is currently uninsulated. I also have issues with water in the crawlspace. There is a trench dug around the block wall to direct water to the sump pump which work pretty good at getting a majority of the water out. There was a small amount of mold at one time which was cured by adding several more crawlspace vents that let air in when the temp is above 60. In the last 4 years, there has been no new mold/mildew growing.

Would insulating this crawlspace be a good idea and how would I go about doing it? My main concern is trapping moisture in the insulation letting mold easily form. My second concern are the water pipes. Some of them are below the floor joists and I don't want them to freeze in the winter.


Gary in WA 03-30-2011 06:38 PM

Where is the water originating from?

Is there a vapor barrier plastic on the dirt?


2001FZ1 03-31-2011 09:34 AM

The water is coming from UNDER the foundation. We have a perimiter drain 20 ft out from the block wall and another along the block wall to reroute the water away from the house. 3 sides of the block wall are also painted with the water blocking paint yet the water still comes in when it rains heavy.

There is a vapor barrier sheet on the dirt but not up the sides of the wall to the start of the wood. Should I cover the entire area to try and better seal off the ground from the house?

Gary in WA 04-02-2011 08:35 PM

Leave it vented against mold growth. Make sure downspouts exit 10' from house. Grade to slope the dirt away from house. If possible, add a perimeter footing drain to stop water under footing. Be sure water supply pipes are insulated with foam sleeves, sized for each.

Worse case solution;


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