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How would you do this?

Thanks to a gnawed hole and a nearby tree i had a mouse problem in my attic.

I live in southeast TX:

Its given me time to re-evaluate the insulation up there. The insulation is matted and 20+ years old. I bought the place 2 years go.

I have twin HVACs up there too.

I have a solar exhaust fan from Attic Breeze to be installed and want to re-insulate the attic.

Currently I have a combination of fiberglass batts and blown.

1. Because the HVACs are up there should I consider spraying the roof with foam to put the insulation line "above" the HVAC?

2. What about radiant barrier? Can it go over whatever input in the rafters?

3. Would SIPs be better than foam?

As anew home owner it seems stupid to have all the insulation on the floor up there when my roof is unprotected and it reaches 160 F in there.



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How would you do this?

The insulation is on the attic floor to separate the attic from the house. You want your attic to breathe to keep temps and moisture levels down in there. In a vented attic you obviously don't want to waste time/money insulating the roof.


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How would you do this?

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