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mnr3 10-18-2012 10:53 AM

floodable insulation
Hi all, as a companion topic to my "floodable flooring options" thread, here's one on rebuilding walls after Isaac. The normal drill in these parts is just to cut out drywall, pull out the batt insulation and rebuild with same as it's cheapest and quickest. But I'm at least considering other options b/c the matt stuff is nasty going in and extra nasty coming out flooded, and it holds water anyway so inhibits drying after flood recedes. So what about rigid board cut into place or spray foam (closed cell)?

One big detail: the (exterior) siding is nailed directly on the framing members. no sheathing, just beam and batten over the wall studs. There are knots and a few cracks that need to be sealed up, and the interior side of the siding is unfinished.

My instincts tell me that spray foam, though not cheap, might be good here, but besides the cost, I'm a little worried about not having an air gap to allow the siding to dry out when it floods again (hopefully not while I own the place, but we've had 2 100-year floods in the last decade).

rigid board would be a pain to cut (is precut board for 16in on center available?), but it could be pulled out with the wall board, won't hold water, and could give reasonable air tightness compared to batt. (the whole house is full of holes anyway)

any thoughts? thanks in advance

edit: fwiw, this is a small house/fish camp on the bayou, mixed construction partially on slab, partially over a 2 foot crawl space

jklingel 10-19-2012 01:47 AM

I'd go w/ rigid foam, fit as tightly as possible and then use Great Stuff on any cracks/gaps. You can also put rigid on the inside of the studs, taping and goo-ing the edges, and cover that will drywall. Far easier, if you can spare the 1.5" to 2" loss in room.

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