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aot2002 08-21-2011 09:24 AM

crawl space and home energy audit
I had a home energy audit done, I'm still waiting for the detailed results but I followed the auditor around the home while the audit was done.

My crawl space has a blocks around it but still has major air flow issues and is letting in cold air in the winter which comes up through my floor between the crawlspace and living space.

Last year I installed wrap insulation R11 or R12 around the perimeter of the home against these blocks and installed R19 on the outer bays in case air slipped in above the wrap insulation.
What I learned from the audit was that insulation does not block air flow and they said I could install foam spray etc..etc..

I was wondering how effective it would be to install foam rigid board around the perimeter then install the wrap insulation against that?

I live in upstate NY

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