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jnc007 10-11-2012 09:32 PM

Conflicting insulation quotes
I just bought a cape and have a completely unfinished room on the second floor, down to the joists / stringers / studs and our finished master bedroom. I've had two guys come over and give a quote on insulating the second floor because its horribly cold. Each said they can do but are saying they'd do it differently.

Before I explain what they said It should be known that we'd like to keep as much height for the incomplete room as we can because we want to put in an indoor climbing wall and a pull up bar area. The ceiling to the center ridge line to the roof is 9.5. At the each end of the house is a 8x10 vent. The house has no ridge vent and has no soffet vents.

Estimate 1 said he'd do the project but wanted a ceiling at the top so he could insulate it with blown in repurposed material. He wanted a channel "attic space" at the peak of the house.

Estimate 2 said you don't need to worry ceiling he could just insulate the roof it self, put in plastic vent trays and could go right to the roof.

In my research I've learned many people box the room in by making knee walls and then roof off the ceiling. To avoid ice dams you need to create a cold zone and hot zone they need to be separated by this boxed in room.

I also know I have little to no ventilation in that second floor. We MIGHT put a dormer in next summer and there by putting in a ridge vent but that's 6-8 months off. I have no eves and therefore no soffet vents. I'd like to avoid ice dams, mold due to trapped moisture and having to redo do this project at a more costly level due to a screw up.

So where does this leave me which of these guys are right?

Windows on Wash 10-12-2012 06:36 AM

Pictures, location, and joist dimensions will help.

Theoretically, both could be right if the roof venting is proper. That being said, most capes have very small insulation levels when you go with the hot roof approach.

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