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Lorena 10-11-2012 06:21 PM

Complicated Insulation question.
Ok, so my husband works away and is only home for 10 days every 2-3 months, so we try to maximize his time when doing home renovations. This summers project was rebuild an addition that we had had to previously demo.

Do to an injury (lol not related to our diy attempts btw!), we weren't able to finish the addition (roughly 12'x18') in the time he was home and we had to hire a roofer on short notice. The job was less than spectacular and now we're faced with the issue of roof trusses that are not spaced properly. Some are 24' OC, some are 22, some are 26.

So, we had purchased the fiberglass batting to insulate ourselves, but this is now going to mean cutting just about every piece to fit properly and the less I have to handle the nasty stuff the better. So, go with blown in insulation? If so do I have to have my drywall up first? And does my vapor barrier go above or below the strapping we're installing? Is there a loose cellulose you can purchase and install yourself or is it not worth the effort?

Any help would be much appreciated as winter is fast approaching and I'd like to finish the insulation asap!


joecaption 10-11-2012 06:48 PM

Without some pictures so we can see how it was built all your going to get is a lot of questions.
Did you add your loction in your profile for better advice?

Windows on Wash 10-12-2012 06:34 AM


Need a location and picture of the structure.

If you can loose blow insulation, always do that. It is about 3X easier and cellulose gives better performance as well.

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