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blown in or batts?

OK Heres a question do most people like blown in insulation for the attic or batts? I have been going back and forth with both and really need to make a decision here pretty quick. Pros and cons of both please........


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I vote blown in for attic.
You will get better coverage, attics always has wires and ductwork and mechanicals running through them.
Blow it in and will settle down around these areas, although may need a little help pushing it around by hand.
Still easier then trying to cut bats and fit them in place.
You will get more r-value with blown in, is just many advantages with blown in.

Rent the machine to blow it in, have a helper down below feeding the machine while you direct it .... will have a quality job in about 1 hour.
Using bats you will be at it all day cutting and fitting, still may not be as good of a job as blown in.


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I second the motion for blown in. Same reasons. You will be able to get the nooks and crannys with no gaps
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Another vote for blown in too. You have lots of material choices now too. Cellulose, fiberglass, recycled denim, et al.

That said, batts are somewhat easier to work with I guess and do not require you to rent the equipment. You did not mention how much you have to do and whether you are insulating just the ceiling or between the roof rafters too? Obviously rolls or batts work best for the latter. Spending the money to do the rafters may seem overkill but you will be surprised at how much energy is lost, even with high R value for the ceiling, through the rafters.

Do make sure if you blow in attic insulation you do not block off any vents and ventilation paths your home needs to breathe. Or make sure to clear them when the insulation is in place.

I know I am kind of a preachy nuts about sketches and drawings but others mentioned insulation is great at covering and encasing wiring, plumbing, etc. You might want to measure and do an attic floorplan showing where any electrical, plumbing and ventilation runs are before insulating so you do not have to shovel tons out of the way if you ever need to service something. Your drawing will remind you where and which direction electrical, plumbing, etc. runs.

I like Sweet Home 3D for simple floorplan things like this. It is as accurate as you want it to be, has a low learning curve, and is free open source software. Others like Google Sketch Up. Graph paper works too!

If budget allows, building yourself a plywood catwalk structure to get to things in the attic makes sense when insulating and for other tasks to come? As I have became a tad more pleasantly portly, I realized I could not walk directly on ceiling drywall anymore without screws holding it screaming a bit! And crawling around on plywood sure beats hobbling on knees placed OC on celing joists.

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What type of material are you looking at? Have you already air-sealed the attic? Where are you located?

If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent.
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blow in cellulose. get the machine for free 24hrs at home depot. build a catwalk. take a bunch of pictures. and, depending on the size of the attic, other things i don't know could be up there, how much you are blowing in, and your helper = its going to take more than an hour
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And baby powder was a trick tought me by guys that did only insulation. Cover yourself in it and you will not only smell really pretty (and what woman would not love the smell of big, burly, manly man, sweaty but smelling like an infant?) but it will block many of your skin pores so insulation can only sit on the surface.


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