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VonTed 02-06-2013 07:41 PM

Basement XPS installation
Looks like I should have posted this here first...... (post in Remodeling forum - opps.)

I am located in NH if that makes any difference.

I think I've got the general idea of sealing the airflow when installing XPS in a basement, but I have a couple of questions on how to handle a few instances.

1. Along the sill, top of concrete walls several wires have been run along there. Can I place the XPS snug against the wires, and caulk, foam the seams to make a seal? (can XPS be placed against wiring).

2. The sewage line runs along the basement wall, most places less then 2" from the wall. I am going to use 2" XPS but it will not fit behind the pipe in all cases. Do I cut above/below and leave a bare concrete gap - caulking the seams? Or hack the XPS as best I can to fit behind the pipe?

3. Similar situation along the floor where the well water pipe and power line runs along the base of the wall. Cut it close, cover the pipes and wiring or go some other route?

echonewyork 02-07-2013 02:46 PM

I have the same situation....curious as to what to do as well. Have the same thing going on with the wires...and with the sewer pipes.

Rooki 02-07-2013 05:16 PM

I just had the same issue and here is what I did.

I ran 2inch XPS up to the top and bottom of all pipes and used spray foam between the pipes and the concrete wall.
I tried cutting down the 2inch XPS and it was a hassle especially considering every pipe gap was a little different. Much easier to buy cans of spray foam to get that area filled in.

I thought it was important to cover all the concrete with insulation and to get a good air seal. I also wanted to insulate my pipes from the outside concrete to reduce the effect from the cold once the walls are up.

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