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dp683 11-12-2011 09:17 AM

basement insulation help
Hello all.

I decided i would like to insulate between the floor joists in my basement. I would like to go the route of using recycled denim insulation and avoid using fiberglass altogether. Could anyone tell me if the insulation will need to be faced or unfaced in regards a vapor barrier? All i can find in my area is the unfaced ultratouch insulation, by bonded logic. The basement is unheated, and i am more or less doing this to help cut back on noise levels traveling from room to room upstairs and from the basement to the ground level and vice versa. I did have pieces of fiberglass batts stuffed in between the joists around the rim of the basement and these were faced with the paper facing into the basement. I removed these to seal the gaps between the framing with the spray foam, Great Stuff. Can i replace them with the unfaced ultratouch batts? Is a vapor barrier or faced batt really necessary? I live in central Ohio, if that factors into the equation at all.


Gary in WA 11-12-2011 08:41 PM

If totally unheated down there, faced will work. Why not insulate the basement walls instead?

The rim needs to be air blocked from the inside or foam on the outside:


Windows on Wash 11-14-2011 10:20 AM

Define "unheated".

It is very likely that you basement is actually conditioned already and insulating between the floor joist should only be done if you are looking to control sound.

Recycled denim, while a great "Greenie" idea, is about 6X what good mineral wool will cost and I would venture a guess that mineral wools is actually better at sound control as it is used almost exclusively by people trying to control sound.

+1 on insulating the walls first.

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