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Trleslie 10-18-2012 08:43 PM

Basement insulation after framing

I think i may have messed up. We have framed most of our basement choosing not to put rigid insulation against the walls before hand. I had received a recommendation from a renovator friend of mine (he seems to know his stuff) that rigid foam was unnecessary.

After doing all sorts of reading i worry that i shouldnt have done that. What are good options now. Is doing Roxul and vapor barrier on the inside framing enough to have adequate insulation. There is no problems with water coming in as the basement has been bone dry for years. Is there other things i should be concerned about? We are in Toronto so we definitely get cold weather

I guess worst case scenario is i could move the framing and do the rigid insulation, but i would rather not do that. If we use Roxul will that be enough protection for any possible moisture problems?

I would really appreciate some help

jklingel 10-19-2012 01:42 AM

Yes, imo you blew it, but not horribly. Roxul should be fine in the basement if it is truly dry and not just looking dry because the water evaporates as it appears. I would caution you about the vb below grade. I know that some folks say Canada requires visqueen (poly) and a certain Canadian study has been sited to support that. However, if you read that study it clearly says that the basements w/ a below grade vapor barrier were wetter than without. A cat claiming to be Canadian has said here that the code actually says "...poly, unless you can demonstrate that you can effectively stop air movement without it." I'd encourage you to stop the air movement and leave the poly at the store, esp if there is any chance that your walls are a tad damp. The walls will never dry to the inside with poly, and I just assume that anything below grade is going to be "humid". I hope that helps. I know that tearing down all that hard work will be painful, but it really would be the best thing, imo.

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