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charbear 04-28-2011 05:26 PM

Attic Insulation Help
I have a two story (maybe 1 1/2 since the front half of the house has a 2nd story while the back half rooms have vaulted ceilings with no 2nd floor on top of them. The upstairs ductwork has always been somewhat inadequate in my opinion. Relatively little air flow comes out compared to the downstairs vents. We try and even this out by closing some downstairs vents. We are in Central FL and it gets HOT for a long time. I am thinking about blowing in more insulation in the attic. Questions:

I have included links to pics if it would help. The insulation is pink blown in and is mostly abut 8", though some spots are closer to 6 and even 4 in a few places. Do I need more and how much?

Also, on the vaulted ceiling area, there is no insulation. I assume this would be so as to not block the airflow as it comes up from the downstairs rooms, passing above the vaulted ceilings and into the attic to escape. The pics show a bit of the upstairs insulation and also show a "hole" which is what leads up from above the downstairs ceilings. Was the supposed to be insulation in there or is this truly to be "uninsulated".

In the "drawing" at the end, the 4 levels are the downstairs floor, downstairs ceiling on front side of house, the vaulted ceiling in red, ceiling of 2nd floor (attic above).


Gary in WA 04-29-2011 11:21 AM

Welcome to the forum!

It appears you have scissor trusses which have a cathedral ceiling inside about 1/2 as steep as the outside rake. Just blowing insulation may fill the air flow areas effectively stopping ventilation unless baffles are installed/existing.

You are in Zone 2 or 1;

Which requires R-30 or 10-1/2” thick.

Also depends on the density of fiberglass insulation;


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