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ndmick 01-28-2012 06:32 PM

Another crawlspace thread; HELP
Ok,this thread I will update as I go on,also,will add pics.I live in upstate South Carolina in a house built in 1954.I purchased in 1999.Put a new heat pump in in 2003,all new duct work(insulated). I notice a couple years ago,with the outside vents open in the summer the ducts were wet(real wet).The down spouts were not piped off away from the house they are now.So I`ve replaced some ducts and have been keeping the vents closed no more wet ducts.So I`ve been reading on here and anywhere else I can find,about sealing up my dirt crawl space(encapsulate).I`ve pulled down all the nasty fiberglass insulation between floor joists,The dirt is not flat like all the nice pics on here.It slopes up from the one end,from about 6 ft to about 3 foot over 40 ft.Its also hard packed red clay dirt here in SC.not even.I was thinking about putting some geo-textile down and spreading some pea-sized gravel over it some places inches deep some deeper,putting in some type of pvc piping for gas-off and Radon who knows may even take some of the moistness from under vapor barrier.Does this sound OK?When I put down the barrier do I go all the way up the brick walls to about three inches from the top? does the foam board insulation go on the wall before or after the Barrier .I`ll write more later.THANKS TO ALL THAT HELP.

jklingel 01-28-2012 10:24 PM

vb on the ground is good. secure to the blocks w/ tremco acoustical sealant, quality tape, boards tacked on, whatever will hold it. are you going to condition this space? search here for links to specific articles; i think gbr in wash just posted one in a different thread.

Gary in WA 01-29-2012 12:04 AM

You are in Zone 3, possibly in the "warm & humid area":

I'd run the walls to below grade, the plastic 6" up the foam board, and leave the top three inches open for termite inspection:

Take care of any Radon:

That rim joist is R-1.25 per inch thickness:


ndmick 01-29-2012 07:30 AM

Yes ,my plan is to condition the crawl space.And thanks for all the info from both.I`ll try to get some pics today.When I look at all the pics of conditioned crawl spaces,they look like they covered the walls and insulation all the way up(except for the three inches at the top in my case)???

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