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wildbuilder 10-08-2012 05:52 PM

1970s Furred out walls

I have an older home that is all cinder block. When the house was built, they furred the concrete block and put plaster sheets on top of that. My question is I want to insulate without removing the plaster. My thoughts were to get spray foam and drill a series of holes up the exterior walls, inject spray foam in the void. When it comes out an upper hole, the nozzle moves to that hole then continue up the wall...

Has anyone ever done this before?

The cavities that were created when my house were built are open all the way to the attic, a version of balloon framing.

I am a contractor and I am one that always does something right, if you know what I mean. This whole dilemma came up as I finish my basement. I sealed a powerful evac neg-pressure fan in the window so I can find all the air leaks and seal them with "great stuff". Once I realized the severity of the air leakage (coming from the attic!) I sealed every single crack on the entire parimeter of the basement. It was amazing how much air was coming in from the attic. Oh, this is a single floor ranch.

So what are your thoughts? Drill a few holes up the furred bays and inject spray foam? And if so, what type of spray foam?

I want to be green :) oh... and save energy and $$$ on heating and cooling.

Curious of your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

wildbuilder 10-08-2012 06:16 PM

I did read this just now, so my effort may may reap little benefit:

joecaption 10-08-2012 11:05 PM

I also own a block house. I gave up and removed all that old plaster board while it was open I rewired, added outlets and phone lines, filled all the open areas where the old window weights were, then added 1" thick foam to the walls and resheetrocked.
I also did the same thing outside but went over the walls with vinyl siding.

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