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Thedaveguy 11-11-2011 07:43 PM

1.5 story insulation
Have a 1.5 story home (hence the thread title lol) and I need to learn more about insulation. I have the standard attic space on either side of the house and an attic above the ceiling in the peak of the roof. I don't have access to one of the attics (but I have a sawsall ;-)) and the ceiling attic has no access either. The side attics are insulated on the inside walls and floor with antique bat insulation that I'm going to replace, and has roof vents. The ceiling joists that angle up to the peak are insulated with no airflow to the peak so when I put a new roof on 2 years ago I had them install a ridge vent thinking that would suffice. I haven't seen any moisture anywhere and the roof and structure are a1 with no rot etc.

My questions are this.....

1. Am I ok with a ridge vent for the top and roof vents for the side attics or do I need airflow between them?
2. what is the best way to insulate the side attics?
3. The side attics have insulated floors and then plywood over that... Is that ok?
4. When I open up the side attic over the bathroom I'm going to put in a ceiling fan... Should I vent that through the roof or through the soffit ?

I'm not new to renovations, I'm just new to doing it right lol!!! Any advice would be amazingly appreciated!!

Thank you all


Windows on Wash 11-14-2011 10:12 AM

Do you have some pictures of the home?

  1. As long as each space has its own intake and exhaust air and they are balanced, they don't need to be connected.
  2. Cellulose.
  3. Yes, but you aren't getting near enough R-Value out of that combo.
  4. I am guessing you meant bath and not ceiling fan? Bath fans should be vented through the roof deck to be proper.

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