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Where to put the garden?

My wife has wanted a little vegetable garden since we bought this house..... we painted, redid the floors, gutted and redid the kitchen, built a deck, put in a door, had a child etc. etc. etc. So NOW we are going to try to put one in

Probably just 2 "relatively small" raised beds, maybe 2' x 8' or something like that. Nothing in particular will be planted there, whatever the wife feels up to. It will differ from year to year.

My yard is surrounded by trees in the back half, my house to the front and I'm trying to figure out where I should put it. One corner has sunlight longer but gets it later in the day ....... is there a formula I should aim for? Earlier sunlight, later sunlight, max hours per day of sunlight?

Hopet his makes sense, this is new ground for me...


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First, have fun...there are no mistakes in gardening. Try something and if you don't like the result, try something else or dig it up and move it.

Start small, she's busy. You may be able to get away with as little as 6 hrs per day for veggies. The more sun the better. Add more as you/she can manage. One or two more summers and your new little gardener is going to want to "help".

If space is a commodity grow up instead of out. Cukes and beans can wind there way up a trellis or a sunflower stalk.
Basil and other herbs can be mixed right in with flowers or at least close to the door for a quick grab when cooking.
Your little pumpkin will love growing pumpkins when she discovers Halloween. They take a lot of space and water.

At the end of the growing season, dig a pit in the middle of the patch and throw all your yard waste in it. Instant compost for next season


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I'll check a few spots for hours of sunlight - 6 is definitely manageable, thanks.
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You can also augment your fixed garden by planting certain items in containers and pots. If you plant them and they really need more/less sun, then you can move them. If you want to plant cooking herbs, putting them in pots near your door is a handy way to do them. You could also put some containers on your deck.

The other thing I would suggest, probably the most important thing in my book, would be to place the garden someplace where you will see it and interact with it every day. Locate it such that you MUST walk past it every day. My raised beds are right next to my driveway, so I see my garden as I head off to work and when I come home in the afternoon. It's nice to arrive home, open the car door, and find yourself looking at your garden. This also guarantees that you'll fiddle and poke around your garden for a few minutes in the morning and afternoon, which besides being fun makes weeding and checking for moisture a snap. If you put your garden out in the south 40 of your lot, you need to make a special trip to your garden and sometimes it will slip your mind. Do that for a week and the weeds will pile up and it will start to feel more like a chore.

Some people take coffee or smoke breaks. Me, I take garden breaks. It's hard to describe, but if your garden is right at your feet, you'll start to cultivate the subconscious habit of weeding and pinching dead leaves, etc. whenever you see it. I was at a friend's house over the weekend and he has a very nice garden and while I was chatting with him over beers I just started pulling weeds. Some will say that it is a compulsive disorder, but is a great habit. If you walk by your garden 5 times a day and pull three weeds out every time you pass, you will always be ahead of the weeds with hardly any effort.

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I would also start a small garden near the house, then add one by one. There is time. keep diversity in your garden, and put a nitrogen fixers between the veggies. Of course , watch out there is enough sun and water. And think about the herbal garden in front of your kitchen. It's nice, useful and healthy
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