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Tomatoes are done :(

I finished picking all of them yesterday, we are at low 30 at night now.
Have many ripe tomatoes but even more small green ones, about the size of a golf ball.
I imagine these really are to small and not worth picking but I did

Real question I have is saving seeds and how others do it.
These are two varieties that are heirlooms and taste wonderful and nice texture.
I doubt that will be able to buy the seeds for next year.
So I scooped out the seeds onto a paper towel and folded it over so they would dry.
Checked them later and when unfolding the towel, layers stuck together and tore the towel.
I do not have many more ripe tomatoes to practise with, thought I would ask here for tips on how others do this.


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I usually find that the few fruit that I miss that fall into the soil in the garden turn into new plants the next year. That's how nature does it, and it works. If the plants aren't exactly where you want them, they can be transplanted when they are young.

I'm not sure about drying and storing seed, never had to bother with doing that. Even if the dry seeds are stuck on the paper towel, they still may be fine. Just tear off a part of the towel with some seeds and shove it in the ground and water it. I'd be surprised if they didn't take. Plants generally want to live just as badly as you want them to.


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That is also a option, I was hoping to start the seeds indoor and grow them until ready to plant. With warmer weather.

And due to construction first year at this home, the current garden location will be a flower bed next year and will prep a new bed in better location for next year, so would need to be moved.
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I've dried seeds and things over a piece of stretched breathable membrane. I used to have silkscreen fabric around but I should think an old pair of women's pantyhose would work. Or a something like a couple directions of window screens would keep the seeds from falling through.

Let the seeds air dry completely. Dust them in a fungicide powder and place in paper envelopes if using next season. Otherwise something airtight like you can achieve with those seal a meal things would be worth a shot.
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next year you may want to try using them. We just used the last of our green tomatoes to make 12 pints of green tomato relish or picallily. Takes a short afternoon and is better than storebought.
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I don't know if any of you have tried it but there is a product called Aerogarden. It's basically hydrophonic gardening. I grew cherry tomatoes one year, lettuce and an assortment of flowers over the years. It's well worth the cost to use and it also can be used with your own seeds as well as pre-packed kits from the coimpany. This is how I would start seeds for transplanting. AeroGarden | Shop & Save on AeroGardens, Seed Kits, Grow Bulbs | AeroGrow
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You place the seeds on a tea towel to dry in the sun in doors.
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Hi i grew tomatoes once but my tomatoes were not with good texture ..
but i know that when the tomatoes are read that is the best time if you will be late in picking them out like 2 days late they will become bad in test and texture so the time period is to short hope my information will also help you ..
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At the risk of making you feel even worse, our avocado's are coming in....I've already plucked about 40-50....I figure I have about another 100 still on the tree.....those babies are like butter....

This was just 1 of several batches from last year....


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