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Bushman 05-02-2010 07:03 AM

Spring in the Veggie Garden
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I just got my garden tilled and I removed all the old fencing.
I am planning on building new fencing to replace it.
I was wondering if any one would like to share something about there garden. Be a great way to get good tips.
For instance I build wooden 2x4 frames and place them in straight rows in the garden. I lay a pc. of weed mat down and put the 2x4 box right over it. I plant my veggie plant in the middle of the box. Then I cut the lawn in a big circle blowing everything into the middle. Rake it up and then I fill the 2x4 box with grass clippings to act as mulch. The boxes are big enough to equal most of the vegetable canopy. When I get weeds I simply run the rototiller down the perfect rows. No more weeding around the plants. This saves enough time to hand weed the corn, squash, beans. Also I only water each plant with a watering can. Keeps weeds from getting a drink via sprinkler. the grass clippings conserve water and simply get rototilled into the soil in the fall and I stack my boxes in the corner. My garden is 60x30 so it's a lot of weeding!!:thumbup:
ps. they make miracle gro in a watering can serving size pouch.

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