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nugentoffer 03-13-2011 04:29 PM

searching for good site for texas lawn
Hello all,

Was looking for some lawn care tips specific to the southwest lawns. Is there a good website/forum where I could head to for this?

With spring just around the corner, my lawn is already seeing all sorts of weeds, and needed to tips to get it green!

user1007 05-08-2011 06:03 PM

Turfgrasses grow pretty much the same everywhere save for in Texas I guess you have to account for lead from all those stray bullets from concealed weapons you all carry.

Irrigation and feeding in conjunction would be the difference where you are I suspect. As I have said elsewhere on this site before, and I know it sounds strange perhaps, but give everything a quick feeding with a quick acting fertilizer something like 21-10-10 (or get a soil sample first and tweak this). Water and wait 4-6 weeks. The turfgrasses, since they hopefully outnumber the weeds, will start to squeeze them out. Feed again with Weed-N-Feed or just weed with the appropriate post emergent herbicide. Follow with a long term turfgrass fertilizer to get you through the summer.

Water early, long and deep, early in the day aiming for the equivalent of an inch of rainfall per week if you can afford it. Set your mower high.

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