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MikeVila 06-13-2012 08:11 AM

Maples amd planting them?
I have done some landscaping and filial with planting shrubs and perennials and such but have never planted a tree. I love the maple trees but seems there are so many varieties and some seem to be more of a large bush.
I live in southeastern Ohio and at zone 6. I have a little over 2.5 acres of mineable yard with home located in center. Sun rises in front and sets in rear. Can anyone give me some ideas on what type of maple would be best and best procedure for planting such and maybe preferred location?

Thx. Mike

MikeVila 06-13-2012 08:12 AM

Planting not plampting, sorry!

chrisn 06-13-2012 04:19 PM

native red maple or native sugar maple or any one of the hundred varieties of cultivators

user1007 06-14-2012 01:39 AM

You might see what varieties local, state or university arborists recommend for your area. Some publish nice tree planting guides for species they would like to see planted for diversity and because they tend to be healthier than some others. Or if in the budget, consult with a landscape designer or architect on plant selections. You will get what money you put into thoughtful design back many times over.

Diversifying your plantings will add lots of beauty, texture and character and offer survival of some species should some fungus or bug get to others. The devastating Dutch Elm disease event that swept the nation brought home the need to diversify. Here near me bugs have taken out some beautiful old trees in Lincoln Park all of the same species and now bare spots and young trees are the result.

Other than that think about what you want out of the trees. Be considerate of how much maintenance you want to put into them in terms of raking and bagging leaves, pruning and so forth. If raking leaves is just going to make your blood boil each Fall large maples may not be the best choice for trees.

Small trees like Japanese Maples have interesting leaves you don't really have to rake and intricate trunk patterns. They come in species that are dwarf and even bonsai to airy trees about roof height. They are nice for planting nearer structure but tend to need shelter from bright sunlight and cold or hot winds. Larger maples offer different growth season leaf colors and some offer spectacular fall color. As you have noticed they can grow quite large. They are sturdy hardwood trees if cared for but not oblivious to lightning strikes so plant so branches do not grow over your house, garage, outbuildings, power lines and so forth.

A common mistake the majority of people make in landscape plantings is plunking plants too close to the house, fence or each other. Be sure and plant for the eventual, not the current or near future, size of the plant material! And make sure you plant so you can get to all sides of a tree to prune and care for it.

People used to be shocked but I was taught to give new trees their first pruning right after you plant them. Taking 1/3 of top growth off will reduce stress and force root growth and establishment. Also prune right away for structural things like overlapping or underhanging branches, dual leader or those that will form dangerous crotches as they age. It is a lot easier and cheaper to deal with these with pruning shears and loppers than a large chainsaw later.

I liked the Osmocote tree planting pellets in the planting holes too. I planted mostly from containers as is usually the way in California but the process is essentially the same with ball and burlap. You want to protect the roots until ready to plant. Slice the root ball a bit to free feeder roots. Plant in a hole twice the diameter and depth of the root ball. Protect the young bark from nibbling rabbits, etc. In Calfornia it was common to stake or wire/cable trees for support while young. The practice is discouraged elsewhere. Again, ask your arborist or real---not box store---nursery person.

Kids and trees go together and most kids get into being involved with planting and caring for them. Just a hint if you have offspring you plan to sucker into raking leaves when they are older.

MikeVila 06-14-2012 09:28 PM

Thank you for the very informative reply and site reference. Much appreciation!

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