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How much light does a garden need?

I bought a house last fall and put in a garden this Spring. Sadly, I screwed up and the garden only gets light from about noon on. I want to move it next year to a spot that gets light all day; my wife is adamant against it because it will be an eyesore in the middle of the yard. She points out that the tomato plants are thriving, and that means they are getting plenty of light.

In fact, they have grown much more than they really should have and the garden is like a jungle, and I take that as a sign they aren't getting enough light. There are some flowers and even one fruit, but they are hardly abundant.

So, should I make an issue of this, or just live with it. Upstate NY if that matters.


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They need at least 8 hours a day of light.
Notice how tall the tomato plants are but not full at the bottom? That would be a sure sign of not enough light.


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Don't forget that its a bit early in the season yet for tomatoes. We did get off to a really late start.
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my cherry tomato plants are as tall as me. very bushy and a bunch of matters on em.
mine get direct sun about 6 hrs a day.

i have a bunch of yet red matters on the regular plants. these should be turning red soon.

i made the garden too small. it really is a jungle. my lettuce, if a storm hadn't beat'n em down, would be about 4' tall. but they are still YUMMY.
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If you put the garden in the middle of the yard next yr can you put a decorative fence around it, or attractive shrubs to make your wife happier?
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I've often thought about a strategically mounted mirror to augment the sunlight in dark corners of the property. You could maybe gain a couple hours of light by mounting a mirror high enough so that it reflects sun downwards onto previously shadowed areas.......
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Depends on how much light you like? If you like a darker environment then low lights would be awesome for your garden, similarly if you're a bright lights lover then some brighter lights would be a great pick for you!
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Maximum 8 to 10 hours light is necessary for the plants, it is a system of nature and essential for the growth of plants, vegetables and fruits.


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