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Bushman 05-16-2010 05:36 AM

Home soil test kits
I purchased a home soil test kit and used it yesterday.
My PH is around 7.5 or so
My Nitrogen is (according to the color chart) almost nonexistent
My Potash is very low
And my Phosphorus seems to be just below ok.
What do you recomend?
This could be the last time I use this garden as I hope to be moving at the end of the grow season.
Should I just buy some straight Nitrogen and Potassium Sulfate?
I just tilled about 2 cubic yards of manure into it.
My garden is 32x68=2100 sq. ft.
My garden grows good but never great. I want it awesome this year.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I plant corn,beans,tomatos,lettuce,mesclun,radish,chard,ca bbage,jalapenos,chili peppers,bell peppers,onions,zuchinni,summer squash,cukes,banana peppers and probably a few others I can't think of off hand.
According to the chart on the kit it tells me I need 1 oz. of fert for every 100 sq. fert and it gives a number of oz. based on your color.
here is my scenario
26 lbs. Ammonium Sulfate
35 lbs. Super Phosphate
18 lbs. Pottasium Sulfate
Just seems like alot to me

cellophane 06-17-2010 09:03 AM

A bit late on the reply here - but any legume (peas, peanuts, beans, clover) will fix nitrogen in the soil and help balance it out a bit. I would also buy some fish emulsion from your garden center and liberally apply that. During the winter months you might look into some cover crops (green manure) to help amend the soil for the next time.

When you mix your gardening soil, adding some peat to it can help as well in addition to making it a little lighter.

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