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DudeSustainable 05-20-2013 12:27 PM

DIY Home Composting
Hi All,

I recently took a few minutes to build a home composter. I blogged about it here, but I've run into a problem. We live in the Bay Area, in a shaded community, and rarely does it get warm enough to bring the compost pile to an acceptable temperature. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can artificially increase the heat of my compost pile, bearing in mind that this is to be done in an organic way? Thanks! Love the forum!

creeper 05-20-2013 01:17 PM

How about a black tarp?

user1007 05-20-2013 04:52 PM

You could add some naturally occuring bacteria sold for composting to speed things up. It will do its thing eventually though and the decomposition process will start generating heat.

PoleCat 05-21-2013 06:37 AM

If you are in fact composting then external heat is not required. An active pile will be around 180 degrees at the core from the microbial orgy. You can accelerate the process by turning the pile every other week or more. The fastest turn around I have ever heard about was a rotating drum that could do the batch in 3 weeks. I use soil to seed my pile with microbes.

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