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jensu2 07-14-2010 03:12 PM

Cutting Magnolia tree roots
I live in a Southern California Valley neighborhood. There is a flowering Magnolia tree and the roots of the tree had pushed up all the concrete driveway. So, I removed the concrete. There are thin scraggly roots on top of the dry dirt that stretch out almost 20 feet (to the house itself). I want to cut these roots back to about 10 feet from the base of the tree. Will that damage the tree? I will be laying some dirt/compost and gravel to replace the cement for the car to park on. I was told this would be better for the tree roots. Is that accurate?

chrisn 07-15-2010 01:41 AM

Any cutting of the roots is bad. The roots are like the blood vessels in you're body. If you cut them, you should fertilize the tree for a couple years so it has time to maybe re grow new ones. Hire a professional arborest for this step. Also it would not hurt to have one come out and look at the situation, as pruning or other steps might be needed.

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