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bigwill 05-17-2011 01:12 PM

Wrong type of Joint Compound or Tape
Need some advise. I am remodeling a bathroom. Put up new green board, used mesh tape for seams and paper tape for corners. Used Lafarge rapid coat on all. Now I read from their website not to use on mesh tape. I have 2 coats on all now and was planning to put 3rd coat on tonight. There are a couple places where the mesh is still visible but I thought 1 more wide coat would cover it. Should I tear out the seams and start over with all paper tape or use a different mud over what I have or just put 3rd coat over and see what happens. I know I screwed up by not reading the directions.

Thanks for the help,

RickyBobby 05-17-2011 02:44 PM

If it were me, I would roll the dice and put on my 3rd coat and see what happens. Are the visible spots of tape on tapered or butt seams? If they are in the tapered seems you may not have enough mud in there. If it is on the butts, then maybe floating out even further may be in order.

If your 3rd coat covers it then wait and see what the future holds. It may crack, it may not.

Good luck.

bigwill 05-17-2011 02:59 PM

These are vertical seams. 1 side is tapered and 1 side is butt. I didnt know it mattered until I started reading today. Wish I had found this forum before I hung the drywall. Do you think I should use a different type/brand mud? Maybe a heavier compound? The one I have is the rapid coat low dust. I thought they were all about the same but guess I should have started with all purpose and paper tape for all joints

RickyBobby 05-18-2011 07:05 AM

Next time, tapered edges go together as much as possible.

As for the mud, all purpose (green lid from USG) can be used with paper tape. Mesh tape should be used with "hot mud" (the powder stuff in bags that needs to be mixed with varying dry times).

If you used the lightweight compound, which is a finishing mud, with the initial bed coat, you could definitely run into problems, not only with your mesh but also with your paper corners. It doesn't have the glue type additives that are essential when taping. Again, most of the work is done so you could let it ride and see what happens.

My biggest concern now would be the seams. On the butt side you are definitely going to have to float out moreso than if you had 2 tapered edges, probably almost 2 feet. It is all going to depend on the level of finish you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

bigwill 05-18-2011 09:01 AM

Thanks Ricky. Do you think I should switch mud types of continue with the lightweight stuff? I have to buy more anyway since I am out

RickyBobby 05-18-2011 11:30 AM

No problem.

At this point I would continue to use the lightweight. It is much easier to work worth and easier to sand.....which there may be a lot of.

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