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What's that sound in the attic? <pics>

Last summer, my wife was in the guest bedroom when she heard a faint scratching sound emanating from the ceiling. After closer inspection, we noticed that the scratching was nearly constant and soon there was a discoloration in the ceiling that was approximately 2 feet in diameter. So, we set out to call an exterminator who quickly concluded that we had a wasp nest in the attic. But because there was no way for him to access that space in the attic, he was able to easily poke a hole in the drywall to inject the poison. As he pulled out the small tube, a swarm of wasps entered the room viciously going after him. Luckily, this guy knew what to do and he quickly blocked the hole he had made with tape and sprayed the wasps that were buzzing around him. The next day, there were no changes to the scratching sound in the ceiling. The exterminator returned and used a product that he said 'was no longer available and from his private stock!". Well, whatever that stuff was, it worked. He advised us to wait till early spring to repair the ceiling.

It turns out that the wasps had built their nest between the insulation in the attic and the drywall. They had eaten through the vapor barrier and the drywall. The only thing between the wasps and their freedom into the house was several coats of paint !!!

The hive was approximately 32 inches in diameter and 8 inches thick.


Below are a few pics of what I found and the subsequent repairs.

Note: After closer inspection we discovered that the wasps had entered the attic through the mortar joints in the brick at the soffit.

Next project: Seal brick to soffit with caulking !!! (duh !)

What's that sound in the attic?  &lt;pics&gt;-20130417_095440.jpg

What's that sound in the attic?  &lt;pics&gt;-20130417_120656.jpg

What's that sound in the attic?  &lt;pics&gt;-20130417_133750.jpg


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That looks like a hornet's nest instead of wasp to me, they are some really rough insects.


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Yikes---that would sure make me nervous.
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Good lord....That is almost as bad as spiders.......
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gesshoom, You didn't use mesh tape and all purpose joint compound did you?
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Indeed, I used mesh and compound. The pic shows the mud as still a bit damp at the seems. This evening, I sanded this down and added the final coat of compound. Patch looks great. A final sanding and primer before a couple coats of paint and then on to the next project....always something to do it seems.
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If I found that nest in my house, I would consider the house a total loss and move somewhere else. Forget that! I am content with most every other insect, except wasps. I cannot stand an insect whose sole purpose it to fly around, tear things up, and sting you just because it can and will.
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Hi BigJim,
I stand corrected...according to some entomology research I did, it would seem that we had a Hornet nest up there. Thanks !


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