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midnightpainter 08-18-2012 03:38 AM

What the heck is this wall made of?
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I bought a house in Clear Lake, TX, this summer after renovating and renting out my old house. I was hanging blinds when I saw that part of the wall had recently cracked, separated and was sticking out by a doorway in the entry. There appeared to be an overlap in what I thought was the sheetrock. I cut and chiseled away all the loose part of the overlap, and I've attached a picture of what I found. I'm thinking this is plaster over something that isn't wood or metal or gypsum board. It's soft enough to scratch easily. This house was built late 70's.
I'd like to know what I have here before I repair it because I have horizontal bulges in the walls of the rooms with loft ceilings, which I assumed were shoddy sheetrock work, but now seem to be something else entirely and quite possibly something expensive, messy, tedious or tragic, and I just got through with that at the old house! Enough! I've also attached a photo of one of those rooms. I'm not sure you can make out the bulge, but it runs the width of the wall by the fireplace above the door, and continues on the other side of the fireplace at the same height.
Please, if you have any ideas, give a girl a clue.

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