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cougar01 03-09-2011 08:40 AM

Tape Showing
I had a crack in the drywall. I mudded it, and put on a small piece of tape, and then mudded on top. Sanded it down, and applied another skimcoat on top with a wider knife. When I sand it down, the top of the tape in a small section wants to show. The tape is on solid, no bubbling or liftng. But, whenever I try to sand down to make it flush with the surrounding wall, this part of the tape shows. It is not the edges of the tape that is showing, but a small area in the middle part of the tape. Can I just prime over this and try to skim coat once more? Or, should I build this area up a little more than the surrounding area and feather the edges in to disguise it? Fortunately, it is near the door, and I think the door casing will cover this part of the tape anyways.

dvatt 03-09-2011 08:58 AM

If the crack was real small I would have caulked. If not, dig out the old tape and set new

gotogregg 03-09-2011 09:32 AM

Hey cougar01,
I think your second idea is the better one. If the tape shows after you sand it smooth you need to build up that area. Use a little more compound and fan it out wider. You want a gradual incline so don't be afraid to spread it further than you did before. You also don't need to add a lot of pressure and don't feel bad if it takes a few more times. Good luck. -Gregg

bjbatlanta 03-09-2011 04:21 PM

If it feels smooth, paint it. Tape is a "paintable" surface. As long as there is not a discernible edge, it should be fine. If you keep adding mud, you'll end up with a "bump".

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