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Soundproof wall performance

I'm in process of drywalling a staggered stud wall.


1. One side of the wall has existing ” drywall with texture (mid-60's style diminished by multi-coats of paint over the years). About 60 days ago, I placed an additional layer of 5/8” drywall, using two tubes of green glue per 4x8 sheet.

2. On the other side of the wall (just a few days ago), I have installed 2 layers of 5/8” drywall with green glue in between (again, 2 tubes per 32 sq ft).

3. I also sealed the joist areas above the wall with double 5/8’ drywall and acoustic sealant and wrapped all outlets for both sides of wall with putty pads. All seams on both layers (and both sides) of wall are sealed with acoustic sealant, as is the bottom plate between the floor and bottom of drywall.

4. The staggered studs are at 16” centers. The drywall is screwed.

5. 1 1/2" mineral wool is placed in the wall, leaving a 3 1/2" air gap.

I understand that the green glue on the wall in #2 has not yet dried, so performance will get better.

The above said, the sound dampening noticeable, but not as good as I hoped. This, in part, may be due to a few issues that are beyond the point of correcting or it may be that my expectations are not realistic. Regardless, I would like to improve this wall’s performance.

I plan to add a 3rd layer of ” drywall on the wall in #2 (5/8”, 5/8”, ”) and perhaps another layer of ” or 5/8” on the other side as well (wall in #1).


1. With the 3rd layer, can I expect a performance increase at mid, low and high frequencies or just low?

2. I plan on using GG between the 2nd and 3rd layers. Should I continue using 2 tubes per 4x8 sheet, 1 tube or is there no gain using GG at all on the 3rd layer?

3. What kind of performance gain is generally expected after GG has dried?

4. Does anyone object to the structural weight aspect with a 3rd layer on each side?


1. Staggered wall, 20’ x 8’ high with 16” centers (each side, meaning 8” centers).

2. Bears only the 2x8” joists for the room, 16” centers. Pretty solid wall.



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Search on the spectrums of

traffic noise

along with


also how it's transmitted from room to room. IIRC there were at least two ways.

This is not so simple.


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Hi Yoyizit. I actually have done a lot of research, and believe I have the bases covered, but as you mention, soundproofing is an intensive effort, and leaving any point unaddressed can impact the results.

And, as I mentioned in my OP, my expectations may not be realistic.

But, additional layers of drywall and GG can only help (especially since the "test sound", a TV with surround sound just on the other side of the wall, seems to be coming through the wall rather than flanking around, under or over, although the 2nd layer helped significantly).

And, since at this point, additional layers and GG are my only recourse, that's my plan.

So I guess my OP over explained the issue and perhaps my only question should apply to the structure:

Are 3 layers of drywall (two 5/8" and 1 1/2") on each side of the wall too much weight?

I wouldn't think so, given that this is a solidly built (seriously solid) staggered wall, but I'm not an authority on the matter.

Thanks again.
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All is well. Weight shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for your remarks, Yoyizit.
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