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bparise 12-10-2009 09:13 PM

Single Hung Window Removal for Drywall
Simply, can you remove the top window of a single hung window?

We are finishing our 3rd floor and I am about to order drywall. I had the drywall supplier come out to make sure we can hit the window with the boom truck. I told the sales guy the window was a single-hung window and don't know if it was removable but after looking at it, he said it could be removed but was vague in telling me how.

I looked over the window and removed the screws that that held in the horizontal peice to the frame, but nothing budges. It's the kind of window that is installed from the outside. It's 35' feet up so removing the entire window is out of the question.

Is there anyway this can be done? The last thing I want to do is lug 60 sheets of drywall up 3 flights of stairs...

Just Bill 12-11-2009 06:12 AM

Someone put that sash in place, so it should be removable. Manufacturers all use different methods, so look for nails in addition to screws.

wrangler 12-12-2009 07:44 AM

A little more information and a picture or two would be helpful in answering your question. Is this an aluminum window? Wood? Vinyl? I'm assuming not wood since you say it was installed from the outside and mention a horizontal rail, though I have seen some wood windows that use one.
If you still can not figure out a way, you might try contacting a glass replacement company and have them remove the glass unit and locking rail and then replace it after your delivery. This would mean temporarily covering your opening with plywood or something similar since it would be impractical to try and get both scheduled simultaniously. It would probably be best to prepare to have to have a new glass unit made for the replacement since they are often damaged during removal (cracks in glass, separation of douple panes, sun dried glazing beads fall apart etc).

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