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patchtaper 12-15-2012 12:26 PM

Sand down edges of drywall patch panel for tape?
Due to a small bathroom flood, we had to tear out the bottom two feet (in height) of some drywall, along a couple walls.

I've installed replacement pieces of drywall. Now the gaps between the pieces, and between each piece and the wall above it, must be covered with tape.

The edges of a full sized drywall panel, as sold at home improvement stores, are a little thinner than the rest of the panel. I guess that's to allow the tape to lay low, so it will not be at a higher level than the panels.

But my replacement pieces are not full size (I cut them from full panels). So some of my edges are full thickness and some are not! Along some edges, the thicknesses don't match. Bad planning on my part. :jester:

Should I just add some filler material to get rid of that difference in height?

Or should I grind down my pieces' surfaces at the edges which aren't already thin, and also grind down the bottom edge of the existing wall, so the tape can lay low everywhere?

For that second option, I guess I would be stripping off the paper covering from drywall, for those areas near edges. That means the tape would have to be attached to the bare drywall material that was under the paper. Is that OK to do?

Or should I start over, and cut pieces from the middle of the original full panels? That way, there would be none of those thinner edges. One exception is that I could have two thin edges meeting where my new pieces touch each other, just like happens when professionals hang full size sheets next to each other for a big job.

Techy 12-15-2012 05:53 PM

You'll just have to make a wider joint to hide the difference. Do not remove the paper from either side of the joint

Seattle2k 12-15-2012 09:53 PM

So yes, just fill in the tapered side with mud. Then, you'll tape it as if it was a butt joint.

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