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stock2mal 01-27-2012 06:14 PM

Repairing plaster ceiling 3'x5' hole
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Hello. I am trying to find some information about repairing a plaster ceiling in my living room. We have had an on-going moisture problem around the chimney, and the plaster ceiling finally started to give way right around where the leak is. I have torn down the bubbled and broken plaster that was in danger of falling, and will be cutting out a 3'x5' square of plaster in order to repair it. However, the plaster is attached to a type of fiberboard as opposed to a wood lathe, and this stuff seems extremely fragile as well as prone to absorbing water. I am going to have to put some type of material down underneath the replacement drywall, and I am hoping I can get some suggestions as to what to use to repair this. I won't be completing this repair until we have definitely fixed the leaking problem we have been having, I am just looking for some insight. Thank you :)

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