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matt_gold 03-21-2013 11:26 AM

removing large mounting bolt...should I worry about weakening the stud?
Hi! I'm new here and also relatively new to home improvement.
- Wife and I just bought a house. Hurray for us.
- Wife bought an old cottage door to hang on the wall as art. You know, the type you can find attached to any old shed or cottage...or sold downtown for huge sums of cash. She wants to hang it in the kitchen and use it as a chalkboard of sorts. Kinda cool, actually.
- weighs about 7 kilos or 15 pounds.
- Obviously has to be placed on a stud. I don't have a stud finder handy, so I did some knocking and a few 2 milimeter drills to test and found a stud that was in the right spot. Unfortunatly, due to the dimensions of the door and the place she wants it, it can really only be hung on a single stud.
- drilled and installed the largest bolt I could find in my stuff, a bolt around 8cm long and about 9mm in diameter. really tight in the wood and very sturdy
- placed two screws in the back of the door on either side, about 4mm in diameter each
- tied steel wire between them, and hung the door

it's very sturdy. that bolt can handle a LOT of weight.

However, I may need to drill a new hole in the wall as the hole I drilled...I was hasty and it's slightly angled upwards. It's sturdy, but it's bugging me.


If I drill a new hole an inch or so over this one and put in a new bolt, should I remove the old bolt or leave it in? somehow I figure removing it will leave a 9mm thick hole in the stud and weaken it a bit.

So, leave it in, take it out, or use some other special method for retaining the strength in the stud?

Thanks in advance. Sorry I'm really not experienced in these sorts of things.


Seattle2k 03-21-2013 11:59 AM

This isn't really a drywall/plaster question. Would've been more appropriate in Building and Construction, but anyway..
You'll be absolutely fine to remove the bolt. Electricians and plumbers drill 1.5" and even 2" holes through the studs all the time.

matt_gold 03-21-2013 12:23 PM

Thanks Seattle. I'll drill a new hole and fill the old one with a bit of joint compound, and touch up the paint.

Sorry, I had a feeling this might have been in the wrong forum.

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