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jpc 03-25-2013 11:54 PM

Q about drywal primer
About a month ago I replaced a bunch of drywall, Primed using Primer for new drywall a few days after that.This past weekend finally got back to that room to put base trim and top coats of paint on. I cleaned the wall's and looked over them, and I have one slight belly near a seam that just stood out. I scuffed up the area with the pole sander then refinished the belly smooth, I dont think I will have to do much more to it, so curious about how long to wait to re-prime. The can says to wait two day's before going over drywall compound and im sure this applies to this kinda situation right? Have any of you guy's painted the next day? Is my impatience just asking for trouble?THanks for any input of help in advance

joecaption 03-26-2013 05:18 AM

As wet as it's been around here I'd wait.
Why not prime and paint the wall then install the trim?

jpc 03-26-2013 05:58 AM

Hey Joe , thanks for your responce, I just re-read my posting. I wrote those in the wrong order, sorry. That is the plan. I've pre-primed and 2 coats of finish paint on the trim and before I noticed that belly my plan was to 2 coat the wall , then trim, just wasnt sure about the wait time. Im so impatient lol. So you think I should wait? I don't want to push it, just hate not finishing stuff timely, lol seems like everything I do just drag's on. Gotta thank you guys here for all that ya'll share, Its appreciated.

joecaption 03-26-2013 06:04 AM

If you rush it and it fails, how much time have you saved?

jpc 03-26-2013 08:23 AM

Joe, Your right. I have the carpet installer's coming at end of next week, so I have plenty of time and do not want to be scraping and re-painting over brand new carpet because I pushed it. I've got ton's of other stuff I can to in the mean time. Again thank you

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