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For ten years prior to 2007 I subbed all my work through three residential drywall contractors. One had been in business for 54 years (three generations) ..all three however subbed 90% of their jobs out to per piece crews.
All three went out of business because of the recession.

...The crews however have not gone out of business. Work is slower but we're still getting our bills paid.
Last week I negotiated a deal for a 49k$ project on a per board basis. The builder assumes all financial obligations above Labor.
section 8 housing in sets of 4's.
I was able to secure this work because the builder was willing to work with the guys who are actually doing the work and not pay a guy that's on the phone all day.
This is what Christmas looks like for myself

$2000 is a great deal for 200bd basement.
The guy that bid your job is a finisher and works on a per board basis to make his grand a week. Just like myself and every other legitimate tool finisher.

This is the reality of my trade.
Unless you're in love with blowing money always call the tradesman that gets his hands dirty.


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That sounds like a confusing relationship between the builder and the subs. Who is responsible for what?? Who carries insurance, license, WC, etc?
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Let me try and understand this....You would come to my house to give me a quote. Then you would sub the work out to a sub contractor, who then subs it out to another crew? No way.

Never in my house, I would have sent your crew on their way when I didn't see you show up to work. If you give me the price, I expect you to do the work. If you don't show up dirty to give me a quote, I don't even consider your quote, regardless of what it is. If you're making enough money to drive around all day giving quotes, then you certainly don't need my business.

Drywallfinisher...maybe I don't understand your post but now that I read it again I think you are the guy that shows up dirty and gives the quote? That's exactly what happened to me. I had two "plasterers" show up to give me quotes for 3000 sq feet of blue board that was already hung, $4600 and $4900. There wasn't a speck of plaster to be found on them. I had one guy show up, absolutely covered head to toe in plaster, give me a price of $2500 and I signed him instantly. He showed up on time, did an incredible job and had it done in 2 days.

A repeat process just occurred for hardwood floors, couple guys showed up, clean as can be, no thanks. Did it myself instead this time.
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Most new construction estimates can be done over the phone

I've made a lot of money over that statement simply because I do the majority of the work. That and knowing what questions to ask.

I carry my own workers comp that covers all my employees. I couldnt have gotten the section 8 houses without it. Unless they can provide their own it gets deducted from their check. 15.6%.....all this is basic math. To say it is complicated is a farce.

On most jobs over 500sq ft Tucker Materials will come to the job and give the home owner a board count with the board coast w/delivery...and most home owners have no problem with coordinating getting their project stocked.
In new homes where there are overages, they'll come back out and pick up the overage and credit it back to you. All this work is done by the supply house NOT the drywall contractor.
Something to look at
I finished this house with two other finishers in 2006 for $14 per board. The guy we subbed it from probably made just as much.
The thing is that he is out of business and the builder isnt....who is the builder using to do his drywall?
He uses the board..and I'm making the same money I would have made otherwise...the system with drywall subs acting as contractors was set to fail. The guys at the bottom ended up on top IMO


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