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amakarevic 08-03-2012 03:53 PM

plaster sand
i need to do some plaster over brick repair.

i was told to use hydraulic lime and not cement and to use regular (coarser) sand for the first two coats and fine white or silver sand for the final coat.

when i went to a local masonry supply dealer, all they had was CONCRETE SAND (coarse) and MASONRY SAND (finer). but they didn't have any white or silver sand.

it is hard to take pictures or in some other way convey the texture of sand over the internet but i am wondering if anyone could wager a bet whether these two kinds that i got would correspond to the coarser and finer sands that i need. or should i altogether get rid of the concrete sand and use masonry sand for the initial coats and look for white sand elsewhere. the masonry sand that i got is pretty fine compared to the concrete one but it is still kind of quartzy, i.e. has granules and is not powdery.


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