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1910rowhouse 03-26-2012 04:26 PM

Old plaster lath ceiling
Hello all,

I have a 100 year old flat roof wood frame row house. The roof is supported with true 4x10 lumber, than there is 24 inches of non access attic space, and the floor of the attic has true 2x4 lumber with plaster and lath attached. I have to rooms on the top floor where the plaster is cracked and starting to loosen from the lath. I would like to attach 1x3 furring strips over the plaster and into the joists. Like i mentioned before, the ceiling joists are the true 2x4 lumber. the room sizes are 15x15 and 9x16..... I would like to use the new USG 1/2 inch lightweight sheetrock. Would this be a weight issue?? or maybe if i sure up the old plaster with plaster repair washers and sheetrock screws into the lath/joists and 1/4 sheetrock over that into joists. I am living in the house, and i really can't rip down the old plaster... Too much of a mess.....

Any and all advise would be appreciated....


user1007 03-26-2012 05:16 PM

I guess I would be tempted to put in some plaster repair anchors between the joists just so future plaster separation does not weigh down the drywall. I don't see that you gain anything adding 1x3 fir strips unless you need to level out the ceiling. It is just going to add an extra inch you are going to have to screw through to get to the 2x and secure the drywall.

Let's see what others think.

1910rowhouse 03-26-2012 05:44 PM

So, you don't believe the weight of the new sheetrock will be an issue??

1910rowhouse 03-30-2012 12:32 AM

9x16 room = drop ceiling to 10 ft using 9ft 2x4 metal studs 16oc and channel securing the the studs to original full size 2x4 framing every 3 ft. with insulation/VB and 1/2 lightweight sheetrock...

15x15 room = drop ceiling to 10 ft. using 15ft. 2x6 metal studs 16oc and channel securing studs to original full size 2x4 framing every 4ft with insulation/VB and 1/2 lightweight sheetrock.

My thinking is most of the weight will be loaded on the walls with extra support from original 2x4 structure....
PS. the original plaster lath ceiling will be strapped with 1x3 to hold it in place....

So, what do you think???? Can the metal studs and the full size 2x4 ceiling handle the weight of he sheetrock?

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