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homiefb 08-10-2011 11:32 AM

Newbie wants to replace sheetrock/drywall
Hey guys. Came across this sight looking for drywall installation tips. It actually looks like a good site and plan on being on it for a long time to come.
Last week I removed the wall panels in one of my rooms. Typical 14x14x8 room. Only the bottom 4 ft of the walls had the panels, not the entire thing. When I took it off it was a ugly brown color and the glue was all over the walls and its a pain to sand down, so I decided to just replace all the walls with new sheetrock and texture. I havent torn down the existing sheetrock, but my concern is when I get near the ceiling I do not want to damage the ceiling sheetrock as it is fine. I read in another website that it order not to damage it, I should get a utility knife and cut at the joint where the two walls meet, because more than likely there is tape there and if I pull to hard it could crack and pull pieces of the ceiling.
Any advice/tips would greatly help.

Johnboy555 08-12-2011 07:16 PM

There are a couple of ways to attack this problem...
Use a sharp flexible scraper (4" putty knife) to scrape (cut) the glue from the wall, and patch.
Use a heat gun and scraper to remove it.
Both ways I have used. The wall should then be painted with a "Stain covering" primer.

If the walls are "textured" now it would be hard to finish the bottom half without a visible line where they meet.

The next idea is to cover the existing with new 1/4" drywall and start with a fresh surface. This requires that you use 1/4" shims (easily cut from a 1X6 on a table saw, or just use 1/4" lattice) to shim out the door and windows. Not a big thing compared to removing all existing drywall!! Also you can use glue and do away with so many nails or screws, just a few to hold it in place while the glue sets. Then they can be removed if you wish.

There's just sooo much of a mess when you start demolishing walls! :(

If the ceiling is textured you could use a small "crown" molding so there is no need to tape that corner.

Malaki254 08-13-2011 08:19 PM

when doing sheetrock it is always going to be messy and you will most likely always damage things you dont mean to. The utility knife is a good idea. what is the texture on the ceiling, and are you going to want to match the walls with it, or use another texture?

But dont worry too much about damaging the ceiling, thats what they make mud for.

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