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cbouckley 02-21-2013 01:07 PM

new job price?
i am trying to decide whether to drywall/tape/mud my basement or hire a guy. It is fairly large open room but with quite a few bulk heads, will be around 70 sheets to finish.
I had a quote from a guy of $3000 for labour plus supplies, so at least another grand.
Is that the going rate? I though I read it should be $25 per sheet.

Please help!


funfool 02-21-2013 01:17 PM

cant really price the job per sheet with the extra time and labor involved going around a basement.
It could be priced per sheet, if typical price is $25 per .... just double it to $50 per sheet and can be priced that way.

$3k labor does not sound bad to me, I would just be sure to check references or know something about his work ethics first.
70 sheets is a fair sized job, and will be lots of cuts and corners to tape. If he is not a true professional and just hungry for work, he could quickly see he got in over his head and bail on you.

the price seems more then fair, just be sure he is not a flake.

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