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fortunecookies 03-02-2011 08:42 PM

Need help choosing the easiest method for skim coating
So I have decided to skim coat for a couple of reasons. Now that I have reached this decision I would like to know the easiest method for skim coating. I actually tried it already on one wall and what a nightmare! I tried the roller method and I made a mess of the room and of the walls. I left roller marks, drips all over the place...ugh. So I sanded it back down to scratch. I don't think I want to try the roller method again. So I have a few questions about how to proceed; hopefully someone can lend me some tips :(

1. I have 90 minute durabond, and 45 lightweight setting compound. I also have a little bit of pre-mix left. Which one should I use and what should the consistency be? I had a lot of trouble trying to figure that out.

2. How can I apply the skim coat? The roller method did not fare well so I'm hoping there is another way. However, if the roller method is indeed the best and easiest what is the best way to do it?

3. Once I apply the mud should I skim it all off, or leave a thin coat? I've read so many different instructions written by different people it becomes a little confusing as to what the meaning is collectively.

Please help; my family needs the bathroom back! I've been getting a lot of dirty looks :whistling2:

Willie T 03-02-2011 09:26 PM

The "roller method" is not a method of finishing. It is simply an expedient way to get the mud up there on the wall to begin the skimming process.

Skimming consists of putting fairly thin mud on the wall (by roller, by spraying, or by trowel) and then 'skimming' (scraping most of the mud back off) thereby leaving mud mainly only in the low areas.

Try two foot by two foot areas to get the hang of it, and see what I'm talking about.

Also.... You are too new at this to use fast drying mud. It is notoriously difficult for beginners to work with anyway. Use Sheetrock brand All Purpose (sometimes called General Purpose) drywall compound in a ready to use 5 gallon bucket... about $13 at Home Depot. It has a GREEN lid. Lowe's equivalent has a BLACK lid... but I don't consider it as good as Sheetrock brand.

bjbatlanta 03-05-2011 03:09 PM

Agree with not using quick set compounds. Regular ready mix is best. Thin with water. Apply with a 10" or 12" knife to a fairly small area (as Willie T mentioned). Wipe back off, just leaving a "glaze coat. May take 2 or more coats to get good results. Lightly sand between coats and after final coat to get rid of any knife marks.

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