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Fix'n it 09-23-2012 10:05 AM

mudding troubles
i am having trouble getting the mud to stay in the middle of the blade. it keeps wanting to go towards the ends and falling all over the place. i am using a plastic mudding pan and 8" blade.

when the pan starts to get low, i can "work it", and have good results. but when the pan is full'ish = forget-about-it.

joecaption 09-23-2012 10:34 AM

Sounds like your trying to put to much mud on the knife at one time.
You need a really thin layer of mud on the seam every time it's applyed.

princelake 09-23-2012 01:19 PM

mud sounds kind of soupy to. what kind of mud are you using? and did you water it down?

Fix'n it 09-23-2012 08:30 PM

i am using durabond setting type 90.

todays results = the first batch i mixed too wet. so i used that on the walls = easier to work on.
the next batch i mixed drier. this worked out WAY BETTER. i was able to work with this much easier, and i was able to make some real progress. now i am mixing it in a small bucket, then pouring some in the pan as needed.

i just hope i am not unwittingly doing something wrong. i have never taped before. other than some small fix's.

scottktmrider 09-26-2012 09:57 PM

When you put the mud on your knife,swipe the corner of your knife on the tray and take the mud off on the outside edge of the knife.Because the mud will push to the outside of the knife.Alot easier to show than tell how to do it.If you cant understand what iam saying i can try to explaine again.

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