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Mold!! Let's kill it!
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Congratulations. You now have a document that tells you that you have mold! You knew that before you bought the test kit and paid for the results though, right? Now you have a list of four of the most very common molds that grow on wet building materials. In fact the top three are considered indicator molds, meaning that if they are present, then a whole host of others likely are too. In the interest of saving paper, I imagine that they ignored the other 20 or so common mold species that grow in wet buildings (there are hundreds of aspergillus molds alone). Add to the mix some parasitic molds (molds that grow on other molds) and some bacterias that grow in the same conditions and you have microbe soup. I would bet that the soup includes at least a few stachybotrys colonies (black mold). I could go into almost any house and knowing where to look, I could find at least those molds on the list and that would be houses that really don't have a moisture issue.

So at the end of the day, what useful information have you gotten for your hard earned money? You have a list of molds with latin names that you can barely pronounce and that are so common that I could find them under anyones kitchen sink (although most people would choose not to believe that). You got potted plants in your house, I'll find them even faster!! You have the names of some diseases that can be caused by exposure to these molds, but you don't know how much mold it takes to be affected (because that data doesn't exist and varies dramatically from person to person).

I'm not trying to sound like a jerk here, only trying to make a point that mold test kits find mold. People that think they need a kit, probably already know they have mold. The best mold test kits are on the front of your face. Your eyes and your nose. The money spent on the kit and test would be better invested in solving the problem that the kit buyer already knows exists.


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As I said before I know I had mold.

The test was to determine if it I had Stachybotrys chartarum or "Black Toxic Mold". It didn't turn up in either of the samples.

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Originally Posted by crayola110 View Post

As I said before I know I had mold.

The test was to determine if it I had Stachybotrys chartarum or "Black Toxic Mold". It didn't turn up in either of the samples.
The other molds are just as bad as black mold, depending on spore count and species.

Just didn't want you to think the other molds were safe. Black mold is overrated ... all molds can cause harm to some folks.


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