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mama39 11-07-2011 03:10 PM

mold in bathroom
we moved in to a 3rd floor apartment unit almost 2 yrs ago. we didn't have any encounters with mold until i believe the last quarter of the year (2010). The mainetenance team of the apartment "treated" it but after only a few weeks the mold has returned. The manager told us to keep the door open when we bath (no exhaust fan in the bathroom as we have a small window for ventilation) and to keep the celing and wall dry after using, which we did, but the molds returned after i think 2 months. The maintenance team fixed it and this time i think they spent extra time and attention because we never had the molds again until this weekend when it started to rain. The last encounter with the molds was in the 1st quarter of the year 2011. I reported the problem again to the office and I was told that this has happened 3X already and she made it sound as if it was my fault that mold keep coming back. Can I tell her that maybe, just maybe, the maintenance people should investigate further as to the cause? I mean, who wants to have molds on the bathroom ceiling, right? Besides, even if it may be the 3rd or 10th time, the last one being at least 9 months ago, i guess it should be treated as something new. Just in case they make me take care of the mold problem, how do you suggest i go about it, and is it safe for me to do it by myself? thank you.

Maintenance 6 11-08-2011 06:36 AM

It is a recurring problem and until the moisture issue is resolved it will continue to reappear. Treat it again and again and it will never go away. You must solve the moisture issue first. What type of material is the mold appearing on? Drywall? Plaster? Only on the ceiling? Where are you located?

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