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CMHbob 04-20-2011 09:39 AM

Metal corner bead vs Paper-Faced bead
I am always looking for new products and ideas that will improve the quality of my work or take less time. Paper-Faced Metal Corner Bead seems to do both. According to one manufacturer who offers a 30-year warranty, "Paper-faced bead products eliminate corner cracking commonly experienced when traditional metal bead is used. Metal bead is fastened to a structure’s wood framing. When the framing shrinks, warps or swells, the bead moves with it and can cause corner cracks. Unlike metal bead, Paper-faced bead is attached to the drywall, not the framing. Consequently, there is less stress from minor structural movement placed on the bead, and thus, no cracking. It installs 30 to 40% faster because no nailing is required and less mud work is needed."

Am I missing something here? Does anyone who has used it have an opinion?

12penny 04-20-2011 10:07 AM

CMH...I only use paper face for corners other than 90*.

tpolk 04-20-2011 10:15 AM

they make a crimp tool for metal, uses no nails

dberladyn 04-24-2011 12:21 PM


I wonder were you guys are? Here we've been using "paper" faced bead for 30 years. Metal nail on / Crimp on bead is inferior by far! The reasons are just numerous.

Paper bead uses less mud and most importantly it is laminated to the drywall. This has so many benefits I honestly can't believe anyone would ever choose to buy metal bead.

Metal bead when it is crimped on eventually will form hairline cracks, if not actually pop right off when bumped.

Metal bead which is nailed/screwed on will twist when the stud it is attached to dries out and twists, this results in cracks.

Metal bead, because it is so deep, because it uses so much mud, is always prone to shrinkage over time, resulting in a hollow look.

Paper bead, it's superior in every aspect. It uses less material, it doesn't shrink and most importantly it's very hard to "crack" when it's applied properly. It takes a lot of brute force to pop/crack a properly installed paper faced corner bead.

I would never ever buy metal cornerbead and if I did ever use it, i would crimp or glue it on and then I woud tape it on both sides thus in effect turning it into a paper faced bead.

~ A Professional Drywall Finisher

bjbatlanta 04-24-2011 04:36 PM

Using a crimp on tool doesn't fasten as securely as nailing, bead is more easily knocked loose or off. The crimp tool will help get the bead on square, but nails should be used too. The paper faced metal bead is applied with mud and won't pop and twist as stated. It's what I use and have not had any issues.

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