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Marcy McPike 07-05-2013 11:29 AM

mastic on drywall
I want to do a pebble backsplash trim on top of existing backsplash (granite) on my bathroom vanities. What so I need to do to the drywall before using the mastic? Do I need to seal it? It has been painted and the home is new, so there is no foreign matter :whistling2: on the walls.

joecaption 07-05-2013 12:23 PM

100% sure you really want to do that?
Going to be near impossible to clean.

Marcy McPike 07-05-2013 02:40 PM

I have done it before. Maybe I didn't describe my intentions well: the pebbles/stones will go ABOVE the granite backsplash, about 4" high, directly on the drywall and will serve no other purpose than a decoration. I will grout around the stones as well. My concern was more about whether or not the moisture from the mastic will penetrate the drywall and cause problems. Last time I did this application I really did not consider the moisture in the mastic damaging the drywall. Thus, my quandary. I did this in a spa in my last house. Over the 7 years I lived there I did't see any problems, but the spa was not used very often.

oh'mike 07-05-2013 03:02 PM

Tiling over painted drywall is fine---simply scuff sand the paint,lightly before proceeding.

You will be okay with mastic if the border is in a dry area--I prefer thinset as it sets faster and bonds better--

-you might investigate using a modified grout to set the pebbles,using the color you wish to grout the finished work---Youtube

has an excellent video showing that--(I lost the book mark,sorry) I have used that technique with stone mosaics with good success.

Marcy McPike 07-05-2013 04:16 PM

Thank you!
I appreciate your input! I will go ahead with the mastic as planned. I will also check out the modified grout idea!

oh'mike 07-05-2013 04:51 PM

That worked well with the picky little mosaics----

jeffnc 07-06-2013 12:51 AM

Technically moisture will probably penetrate to the drywall through the paint, but it doesn't matter. Think of how much moisture penetrates the drywall when it's first installed - when joint compound is applied 3 times to bare drywall. Or think about how much moisture there is when paint is applied to bare drywall.

ToolSeeker 07-07-2013 07:34 PM

You will no water in your drywall. First this is not like a shower it's a backsplash any water that hits it will be small amounts. Second that small amount of water will not go thru the tile then the mastic then the paint.

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