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jmejiaa 12-16-2011 01:24 PM

Looking to fix a piece of my cieling, possible?
The roof used to have a leak and that was fixed, now I have this inside and I'd like to take a stab at it. I'm fairly handy and can do it as long as I know where to start and what to do. Any ideas/tips? It looks like I will need to replace a piece of drywall and that should be it(plus paint).
Suggestions on tools I need, and some instructions and tips for doing just the bad piece would be great.

coupe 12-16-2011 03:52 PM

hi, from the pictures, it's hard to tell how big the piece is you need to patch? the smoke detector isn't doing you any favors, but can be taken down temporarily.

in situation like yours, I prefer a few pieces of metal 25 gauge studs,( easier to screw than wood1) I prefer to use them flat side as opposed to edge for more fastening room.

sometimes bigger is better. though in your case, I think you can just cut out the bad, back to good solid drywall, screw metal stud pieces around the perimeter, as narrow as you can? length doesn't matter as long as long enough to get to solid drywall.

cut as straight and square as you can. cut new piece to fit and screw into metal studs already placed. Spackle and tape the perimeter, if you can keep distance from outside tape to outside tape to 14" or so? will be easier, using a 16" drywall trowel, if you can find one? had to order mine. will put link below.

it means leaving a hole in your ceiling but, I recommend leaving it open for a few days so everything above can dry completely.

once dry, piece replaces and taped. use 16" trowel to skim coat two coats over entire thing.

you most likely don't have a hawk for mud, can put mud on trowel with regular 6" or 4" Spackle knife. hold trowel up to ceiling without loosing mud onto floor. hold trowel back several inches from patch almost straight, and pull trowel toward patch, bringing trowel flatter along the way across patch leaving a smooth nice coat on top of patch.

let it dry completely. remember, start with trowel almost straight up and down, flatten going over patch, after across patch begin to straighten back up and down, leaving good coat of mud feathered out on edges.

after two or more coats this way, when you're happy with look, sand and paint accordingly, replace smoke detector. and you're done!

items needed

1- piece of drywall to fit cut out spot
2- drywall tape, comes in 250' rolls
3-6" Spackling knife, for taping joints
4- 16" drywall trowel, 11 1/2" will work and readily available at most hardware stores

5- 120 grit sandpaper for sanding
6- paint
7 ladder to reach ceiling.
8 screwdriver to remove and reinstall smoke detector

good luck


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